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Stick Welding

Mild steel, iron, and fabrication.

A versatile and widely used welding process that involves creating an electric arc between a flux-coated electrode and the workpiece. The heat generated melts the electrode, creating a weld joint while the flux coating creates a protective shield. It is portable, cost-effective, and suitable for various materials, making it a popular choice for construction, fabrication, and repair projects.


Mig Welding

Mild steel fabrication and repairs.


A widely used and versatile welding process that involves feeding a consumable welding wire through a welding gun, which is then melted to join metal pieces together. The process uses an inert gas, such as argon or a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide, to shield the weld from atmospheric contamination, ensuring a clean and strong bond. MIG welding is known for its speed, ease of use, and ability to handle various materials, making it popular in industries like automotive, manufacturing, and construction.


Spool Gun

Aluminum and stainless steel repairs, along with fabrication.

A spool gun is a specialized welding gun designed for use with MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding machines. It consists of a small, handheld device that holds a small spool of welding wire. 

The primary purpose of a spool gun is to facilitate the welding of aluminum and other soft metals that can be challenging to feed through the long, flexible MIG welding torch cable. 

Image by Glenn Hansen


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